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Raising the Malagasy Coton de Tulear

Ten Weeks Old and Off We Go!!



BEN now RIPKEN is a beautiful little soul, wrapped in the softest curly coat; full of exhuberance and interest in everything around him! He has just begun to grow into himself and is showing more of his sweet nature. He will be making the biggest journey to his new wonderful fur-ever family ... from Pecos NM to Washington D.C. 



HOSS (now BLUE) all along has been "at the front of the pack".  He is a bit of a leader, as well as being keenly attentive to the people around him. The message I get so strongly from him is "I'm ready to be with my family and be a wonderful doggie". And lucky boy, he has the most caring family, committed to being the best puppy parents!

***Debbie's Tiny But Mighty TuTu***


This little lady will stay behind and keep her mama and my hearts from totally breaking at everyones departure. A little pistol with the most innocent face...we could be in big trouble here!

***Winham's Cowboy CODY***


Lil' Joe FOX's (now CODY) beautiful eyes are indeed the doorway to his soul and will tell you everything he is feeling. He is a beautiful contemplative and very playful puppy.

A wonderful, fun loving, caring home is preparing to bring him home in time to help decorate for Christmas! He and Hoss are the "mystery" pups.  Can't wait to see how their coats mature over the next year.

***Alexander Hamilton***


HopSing has gone off to his wonderful forever family, where he will be a friend, companion and therapy dog when he is old enough.

Puppy Pile News


The time has come for these sweetest of puppies to go off into the world and spread the joy that is their life work. Each one of these little ones will be missed deeply.  There is not one I will not cry over when they leave. Raising these little doggie souls has been such a rewarding experience in ways to numerous to recount. My deepest gratitude to the new puppy families that will be taking over the loving care of these little hearts!




Ben is a love bundle.  He was one of the latter pups to develop teeth. He had been pretty aggressive in his play, but as the other pups have grown teeth, they are showing him that its not very fun to play so rough.  All the pups are learning to moderate themselves.



Hoss is another beautiful black and white boy.  Always curious and always seeking attention and affection.  He and Ben have a similar play drive and are often in the middle of a frolic together. All the puppies are beginning to show a willingness to step away from their littermate to explore or rest.

Little Debbie Tutu


Little Debbie Tutu continues to surprise me with her strong attitude and willingness to jump into (if not start) the fray! At the same time, she has a gentle sweetness (well they all do!) in her quiet times.  

Lil Joe


Its really been special to see Joes persona appearing.  He had been our most reserved pup and in the last two weeks has just blossomed. He received extra love, cuddles and support exploring new things and it has really paid off.  He is jumping smack into the middle of things with tail waggin' and a great willingness to explore whatever comes his way!

Hop Sing


Last weeks update referred to HopSing as  our "Ferdinand the Bull".  While he is still an incredible sweet fluff puff, he is beginning to stand up for himself and not let the others push him around as much.  All the puppies are beginning to balance their need for interactive sibling play with exploring objects by themselves.

Puppy Pile News


Time is just flying with these little bundles of love.  Everyday they learn something new and their personalities develop more fully. They are beginning to eat more solid food as Lily chooses to nurse them less and less. They are now going thru the night without their mama...a work in progress! Every day is full of play, naps and so many lessons and practice with Puppy Culture.

Week Five and Getting Feisty!



Ben is our firstborn pup and he carries that thru to other parts of his life, first to toddle, first to trot,  first to jump out of the pen when the door opens!  He is a little live-wire, always interacting with his siblings.  Anyone who will give him a moments attention is sure to receive warm kisses in return. 



Hoss is our second born  puppy!  He is also high energy like his brother Ben. He was one of the first pups to get his new teeth.  He has been having tons of fun learning to tug on things...especially his brothers and sister! Hoss is very engaging, always looking for cuddles and love.

Lil' Debbie


Our only girl...this little puffy tuffy holds her own in the puppy pile... in fact she is often the instigator of all kinds of puppy trouble!  Currently she if still figuring out how to accomplish a gallop...her little body flits around like a happy bunny and usually hops off in a direction other than where she was headed!

Little Joe


Little Joe is probably the most serious of  our pups. He reminds me a great deal of his mama Lily when she was young. She had the same furrowed brow that he often has.  Little Joe loves to play roughhouse with the others and he knows how to step aside to rest and recharge before entering into the fray again.



HopSing is our "Ferdinand the Bull". Big and slow, he tends to sit to the side and watch the lively action of the puppy pile. When ganged up on by the others he pro-offers a shoulder to brush them aside or rolls over and surrenders . Alert and quiet, he watches everything

Puppy Pile News


All the pups pictures were taken when they were asleep (they move too fast when they are awake!) and getting their weekly weigh in. They barely fit into the little basket , the same one we used on the day they were born. We are moving towards being ready to wean, getting time outside before the weather turns too cold, nail trimming, and all that Puppy Culture contains!




Im having so much fun learning how to use my little fur body.  I've got toddling down pretty good, so now I'm learning to do a puppy walk! Mom says my fur is different than the others... I've got curls or something; I just know I'm a happy guy!



I look like a baby Saint Bernard!  I'm having so much fun playing with my brothers and sister.  We play and play and then collapse!  OH...I'm a star at peeing on the potty pads and I'm really good at lapping milk from a saucer too!



Everyone says I'm the "tiny one"!  I'm not sure if they see I'm a tuffy too...gotta be to keep up with my brothers. We have so much fun together, playing, sleeping, eating.  Something new to do all the time.  Right now we are learning to lap milk.  I like my moms milk best though!



My  human mom has  been calling me "Corky" . She says I look  like a Corgie...not sure what that is, but it must be special, cause I'm pretty special!  People say I'm cute and funny and independent.  I'm not sure about all of that kind of stuff, I'm just a puppy!



I'm so much cuter than my human mama does justice to!  I'm a giant role-poly pup with a thick soft coat and a big soft heart! My current nicknames are sweetheart, badger and Jabba!

Puppy Pile News


These five little pups are filling the heart of Cowgirl Cotons with so much JOY! Each one of them is so totally unique and enchanting. We continue to work with lessons and principles of Puppy Culture. This week we are encountering many new sounds, textures and scents.

Nitey-nite Time in the Puppy Pen

Check out this great video

Week Two - Our Eyes Just Opened!


Black and White Malagasy Coton de Tulear puppy.

Ben is our most colorful black and white pup.  He is beginning to develop some brown tips above his eyes and on his cheeks. I think he might be the first pup to "wag" his tail!



Hoss is a black and white male Coton. Hoss is also developing brown tips above his eyes. I love picking up this role-poly puppy!

Lil' Debbie

As the only girl in the puppy pile, this little girls gentleness  just seems to stand out; yet I'm pretty sure this trip-color pup has got a tuff streak in her as well!

Little Joe

Red tri-color male Malagasy Coton de Tulear pup.

Our very colorful red tri-color boy! This little guy likes to stand out in a crowd!



My chunky-monkey tried-color male pup.  HopSing is more in dreamy puppy land than the other's going to be so fun to find out who is hiding in this puppy package.

Puppy Pile News


Our eyes opened on exactly our 2 week birthday. We still can't see very much, just differentiating between light and dark.  We have doubled our birthweightSomebody is trying out tiny barks...we aren't sure who it is!  Our little legs are getting stronger and we can really create a commotion when our mommy comes to feed us!

Coton de Tulear - 2 weeks old

Check out this great video

Cowgirl Cotons Bonanza Babies Sleeping

Check out this great video

Week One - Welcome to the World Little Ones



Our first born, a black and white Coton male with LOTS of color.



Hoss is our second born.  Another large, cuddly black and white Coton male.

Lil' Debbie


Third born and our only little girl.  Lil Debbie is a dark tri-color.

Little Joe


A very distinctive coat color and lots of it, on this sweet little boy!

Hop Sing ( the Chinese cook on Bonanza)


Our last born, and another big boy. Hop Sing is a tri-color Coton.

My OH My!!

  I had no idea what sweetness these puppies would bring to our lives. The pure innocence and vulnerability of each little pup is like a breath of heaven. They sleep most of the time, waking when Lily is near and working so diligently to scooch close and nurse. Lily is settling into being a loving and caring little mama. We have begun PUPPY CULTURE ENS (Early Neurosensory Stimulation).

Lily (R) and Sammie (L) are both beautiful tri-color cotons with lots of color as well as colorful personalities!  They had five beautiful, healthy puppies September first, two black and white males, a male and a female dark tri-color and one red tri-color male.

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