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Raising the Malagasy Coton de Tulear

Lily Annaboone Dieu-Le-Veut


Meet Lily

EMBARK DNA test results indicate Lily is 100% clear of hereditary disease.  Copy of EMBARK results are available upon request.  She is a "tri-color" Coton, weighing approximately 12 pounds.  You will see her baby picture below and it will give you a great indicator as to how much a Coton puppy's color can change! One of the important things for me in my quest for my perfect Coton was that "big dog in a little dog body" quality.  When the puppies were about 8 weeks old, her breeder called me and said " I think I have the perfect little girl for you!"  "She is very independent, and I know you want an adventure dog.  I think you two will do great together!"

Its been 5 years now, and Lily has travelled to Mexico with me to swim in the ocean and chase gulls down the beach. She goes to the barn with me everyday to feed and care for the horses.  She comes along on back packing trips, bicycle rides, airplane rides.  If I'm heading out the door, she has her bag packed and is ready to go on a moments notice... no questions asked.

She has a super personality, loves people and is very gentle with children.  If Lily had a life's mission I think she would say it is "to make the world a happier place".